Recommendations for the polypropylene printing process: SmartMaterials3D's polypropylene (PP) is the ideal material for drone printing, and it is available in both black and white. However, for printing in different colors, Fiberlogy polypropylene should be used instead. Although both filaments are composed of the same base material, their properties differ, so it is recommended to print the main body and arms with SmartMaterials3D, which is slightly lighter and stiffer. Due to its difficulty in adhering to other materials, it is necessary to use polypropylene packing tape on the hot bed before printing. To ensure optimal adhesion, the bed should be heated to 45°C before applying the tape. All parts are designed to be printed without supports. Printing Temperature: 190-220°C Hot Bed Temperature: 45°C Layer Fan: Enabled Profiles for Ultimaker CURA are included in the file, and links to the filament can be found below. Ensure that your printer is compatible with Arc Welder, which converts multiple consecutive G0/G1 moves to G2/G3 arcs, or disable it in the default print profile for optimal performance. The printing of the LED covers on the arms is accomplished by combining SmartMaterials3D's natural PP filament with another color via a filament change. To do this, we must add the commands "M300 S300 P1000" just below ";LAYER:32", which is an alarm that alerts us of the filament change in layer 32, and "M600" in layer 33, where the filament change will be executed, leaving it as follows: ;LAYER:32 M300 S300 P1000 ... ;LAYER:33 M600 For final assembly, a list of non-printable hardware such as screws and LEDs is required and is included in the file as a JPEG image. To ensure a successful assembly, it is important to have all the necessary components on hand. The other components printed in TPU are identified in the filenames. This allows for easy identification and organization of the various parts.


Licencia de Creative Commons
Drone Micrathene Noctua by MicratheneFPV is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license, granting users the right to use the product for non-commercial purposes without making any modifications.

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SmartMaterials3D Polypropylene (PP) - Black, White and Natural.

Fiberlogy Polypropylene (PP) - Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Grey and Graphite.

SmartMaterials3D FLEX 93A (TPU) - Black.

The file includes:

  • Noctua Arms PP.curaprofile
  • Noctua Body PP.curaprofile
  • Noctua Covers PP.curaprofile
  • Noctua LED Arms Caps PP.curaprofile
  • Noctua Small Parts PP.curaprofile
  • Micrathene Noctua hardware components list.jpg
  • 20x20 RX Holder.3mf
  • 25x25 RX Holder.3mf
  • Battery Cover Bottom.3mf
  • Battery Cover Top.3mf
  • Camera Cover No Servo.3mf
  • Camera Cover Servo.3mf
  • FC 20x20 Cover No Screw Hole.3mf
  • FC 20x20 Cover Screw Hole.3mf
  • FC 25x25 Cover No Screw Hole.3mf
  • FC 25x25 Cover Screw Hole.3mf
  • GPS Cap.3mf
  • LED Arm Caps.3mf
  • LED Arm Screw Heads.3mf
  • LED Body Cover Front.3mf
  • LED Body Cover Left.3mf
  • LED Body Cover Rear.3mf
  • LED Body Cover Right.3mf
  • Main Body.3mf
  • Non-tilted Arm 1.3mf
  • Non-tilted Arm 2.3mf
  • Non-tilted Arm 3.3mf
  • Non-tilted Arm 4.3mf
  • Propeller Cone Clamp.3mf
  • Servo Link Nano Toothless.3mf
  • Thumb Screw GO2.3mf
  • Tilted Arm 1.3mf
  • Tilted Arm 2.3mf
  • Tilted Arm 3.3mf
  • Tilted Arm 4.3mf
  • TPU Holder GO2.3mf
  • TPU Lens Cover GO2.3mf
  • TPU Non-tilted Pod 1.3mf
  • TPU Non-tilted Pod 2.3mf
  • TPU Non-tilted Pod 3.3mf
  • TPU Non-tilted Pod 4.3mf
  • TPU Propeller Cone.3mf
  • TPU Tilted Pod 1.3mf
  • TPU Tilted Pod 2.3mf
  • TPU Tilted Pod 3.3mf
  • TPU Tilted Pod 4.3mf
  • VTX Cover GPS.3mf
  • VTX Cover No GPS.3mf
  • XT30U Holder.3mf