Once the desired color has been selected, it is time to choose the remaining options to complete the customization process. We can select the angle of the motors: non-tilted as a standard configuration for 3" and 4" propellers, or 30° tilted motors for 3" propellers in order to mount an Insta360 GO 2 camera underneath. Additionally, we can indicate whether we want our arms to have LEDs and their color, the distance of the mounting holes of our flight controller (20x20mm or 25.5x25.5mm), or if we want to install a Matek GPS & Compass M8Q-5883 module to use with INAV firmware. There is also the option of using a microservo to control the camera vertically, which can mount 14x14mm nano cameras, or 19x19mm micro cameras without the servo holder (and 14mm with its factory adapter). For those with an Insta360 GO 2 camera, there is an adapter printed in TPU to eliminate the jello effect in HD recordings.

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LEDs on arms: *
Arms colour: *
LEDs caps colour: *
FC mounting holes: *
GPS mount: *
FPV camera housing: *
TPU HD camera adapter: *

The total weight indicated in the "See More/Additional Data" tab varies depending on the options selected and also takes into account the weight of non-printed components. To accurately estimate the final weight, simply add the weight of the hardware to be used.

Package Includes:

  • 3D printed frame
  • Micro USB to TTL board
  • WS2812 LED 9.6mm PCB
  • WS2812 LED strip
  • 3-Core wires
  • 14x14mm Heatsink for VTX
  • XT30U Male connector
  • M2 Screws
  • M2 Nuts
  • M2 TPU washers