Polypropylene frame

Polypropylene filament is a highly versatile, durable, and lightweight material with exceptional mechanical and chemical properties. Its impact resistance and low weight make it an ideal choice for industrial applications, such as the automotive and aeronautics industry, drone manufacturing, and more. Its unique properties make it an attractive option for those seeking to reduce weight without sacrificing strength and durability.


Angle and Acro modes

Angle and Acro flight modes are two popular modes designed with the intent of providing pilots with more control over their drones. Angle mode is designed to enable the drone to remain level while in flight, ensuring a stable image, while in Acro mode greater maneuverability is enabled through faster response times and the ability to flip, loop and roll.



Telemetry allows you to monitor the status of your aircraft while in flight. Not only can you receive battery voltage and GPS data on your transmitter, but you can also set up voice alerts to be triggered by these readings. This feature provides pilots with an extra layer of safety and convenience, allowing them to stay informed of their aircraft's performance in real-time.


Voice alerts (EdgeTX)

Audible warnings can significantly enhance safety while enabling pilots to remain focused on flying the drone. Voice notifications for battery levels, low/critical voltage, high altitude, GPS loss, arming readiness, and disarming are available, providing pilots with the necessary information to ensure a safe and successful flight.



This drone can be configured to weigh less than 250g. The entire drone can reach a weight of approximately 245g with 18650 batteries and without the Insta360 GO 2 camera, but you can reduce the weight even further with LiPo batteries, allowing you to record videos while staying under the 250g limit.


Flight time

Li-ion batteries provide more than 10 minutes of flight time, allowing users to enjoy extended periods of aerial exploration. This means that users can explore further afield and spend more time in the air, which is great for those who love flying.


GPS position hold

GPS position hold is an invaluable tool for professional drone pilots. This feature allows drones to autonomously stabilise and maintain their current position using GPS satellites. Further benefitting from its stability, drones equipped with positions holds have the ability to take sharp turns or hover in place while others may be nudged off-course due to gusty winds, potentially avoiding critical safety mistakes.


Return to home (RTH)

RTH technology enables drones to autonomously return to a pre-programmed location without the need for human intervention. This feature has become increasingly important as drones are used for longer distances and more complex tasks. RTH will guide the drone back to its take-off position, which is defined as the point at which the aircraft was armed. It can be triggered manually via a switch or automatically if the radio link is lost.


Autonomous navigation by waypoints

Autonomous waypoints enable drones to autonomously fly a pre-programmed mission. Waypoints are programmed with latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed data, allowing the drone to navigate from one point to the next with precision and accuracy. By utilizing autonomous waypoints, drones can complete complex missions with ease, providing a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of applications.


Programmable functions (INAV)

The programming framework is a mechanism for evaluating flight parameters, enabling the programming of global variables and logical conditions. Its intuitive drag-and-drop configuration interface eliminates the need for complex coding knowledge, allowing even novice users to make swift and accurate adjustments with ease.


Servo driven FPV camera

Adjust the camera angle in flight using the knob on the transmitter, rather than adjusting it on the ground. This feature can also be used to stabilise the camera for cinematic flights, GPS-assisted modes, or angle mode to lock the camera tilt even when the drone is pitching.


Insta360 GO 2

The world's smallest action camera can be attached with a TPU mount to capture stunning 2K video footage weighing in at under 250g. With its lightweight design and advanced features, this camera is perfect for capturing all of your most thrilling flights.